Client Goals:

To buy an investment property that can be both a vacation rental and a second home. It also must be the home of their dreams to which they will some day retire.

Area of Choice:

Russian River

My clients are San Franciscans who love the Russian River area as an escape from the intensity of the city. While not ready to retire, they want to have real estate as part of their retirement portfolio. We search for several months in the fall but are unable to find the “perfect property”. Furthermore, the market is hot and most “perfect places” are receiving multiple offers.

After a respite for the holidays, we regroup on a cold, dreary, winter morning and head to Guerneville to look at a property that has just come on the market. I am nervous because the photos make it look very desirable and it will attract a lot of interest from other buyers. Unable to reach the owner by phone for an appointment, we take a chance on arriving and knocking on the door.

The rains could not be more torrential by the time we reach the house that is completely surrounded by an 8 foot redwood fence suggesting an Old West Fort. After knocking on the gate and beeping the horn several times, the shy owner opens the gate and agrees to our entry in half an hour. We drive to another property and take a cursory look, completely distracted by the mystery that lays behind the gates. The rains continue to pound.

When we return, the gate is open and the owner gone. My clients and I walk into a magical setting of ferns and towering redwoods, in the midst of which stands a vintage redwood bungalow dramatically perched just above a roaring mountain creek. There are times in real estate when you know that it isn’t even necessary to enter the house. This is one of those occasions. The interior, however, holds back nothing as a wood stove warms every corner of every room.

By the time we emerge from the house, rain is falling even harder. As we close the gate to return to the car, we look up above the house through the rain and the mist. Guarding the property on the hillside above is a statue of Diana, Goddess of the Hunt. We put our trust in her and hurry back to my office.

A couple of days later when our offer is accepted, I breathe a sigh of relief as I realize that only the bravest and daring of hunters venture out on a day like that. Diana approves.

My clients now share their dream home with the world through Russian River Getaways. When it is not rented, it is their special quiet place from the world.

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