Will Kent, Sonoma County Realtor

Sonoma County Beauty

Client Goals:

Buy a property in Sebastopol and gradually transition from full time jobs in San Jose to full time living and working in Sonoma County. No urgency. They will buy when they find the right house, which should be large enough to hold a Steinway Grand Piano (one is a professional organist) and should have a green house (one raises orchids). The house should have acreage, privacy and a beautiful view.

Area of Choice:

West County, in the rural hills west of Sebastopol where it is a bit cooler in the summer.

I have worked with my clients for over two years. When I first met them they had been sent by their company to work in Barbados for a year and were envisioning returning to San Jose only briefly, having over the years fallen in love with Sebastopol and Sonoma County.

Over time, we had looked at properties on four or five occasions but each property fell just a little short of what was required for them to make such momentous changes in their lives. In the spring, I asked them to come up and look at a property that seemed to have most of the features they were looking for.

This property sits in one of the most beautiful areas of west Sonoma County about 20 minutes from the Pacific and 20 minutes from Sebastopol. The house faces east on almost 10 acres and is Tudor in architectural style. There is a great greenhouse and the house is almost 4000 square feet with plenty of room for the Steinway.

The spectacular views look up and down the valley from Mt. St. Helena southward. On warm summer days, colorful hot air balloons hover over wine country and at dusk the lights of Santa Rosa illuminate the night. Unlike Sebastopol in summer and fall, when temperatures can reach 100 degrees, here on such days, the fog spills off the ocean around 4 p.m. and swirls through the valley enshrouding this property and dropping the temperature 15 degrees or more in an hour. And in the winter months, the house sits in the bright warm sun on clear days looking down at the fog and overcast that often lingers in the valley below.

As we walk through the house, having taken in the gorgeous land and views, my clients grow more excited with every step. The second floor master suite has a balcony and spa that overlooks the valley and mountains. And there is a large green house!

There is, however, a moment of silence when we come to a very large room partially finished that has been added onto the house by the current owners. It is approximately 600 sf and has 15 foot ceilings and dormer window. The current owners use it as a gym and for storage, but it is not apparent what my clients will do with this somewhat strange unfinished space. We make an offer which is accepted.

My clients slowly begin to spend more time in their new home and gradually move in a bit of furniture. One of the first arrivals, however, is the Steinway Grand. Several months later I have dinner with my clients and the “room” comes up. One of the owners informs me that he has just found and purchased a vintage pipe organ rescued from a church in the mid west and will be moving it piece by piece and reconstructing it in the “room”. While I sell many homes that have home theaters, this is the first home I have sold that will have a concert hall!