Has lived in California most of her adult life and now has a family crisis back East. She has primarily worked as a caregiver to the elderly or disabled, is well educated and socially active.

Client Goals:

Sell her house, which she has owned for many years, as quickly as possible. It is her major asset.

My new client has been referred to me by a client to whom I recently sold a property. She describes her friend as a wonderful person who is in need of quick help.

When I meet with the client, I learn that her mother is ill and is requiring a great deal of care that her siblings alone are unable to give. She will pull up her life here and move back East. The story is so consistent with her life’s work: to aid those in need.

The property in question is not in the best part of town with commercial ventures creeping around the neighborhood. The house has had a fair amount of deferred maintenance. I price the house at fair market value to promote a quick sale. We work on getting the house in great showing condition.

The property receives six offers in the first three days. I meet with my client who informs me that one of the first persons to view her property was a young couple, with three small children. She liked them a lot and hopes that they get the property.

After reviewing all of the offers, my client identifies the offer by the couple in question. In my professional opinion, they have not written the best offer. Although their offer is above asking price, other offers are for more money. Furthermore, their financing terms are not as strong as other offers. My client, however, is certain that they are the right people for the property and insists on accepting their offer. We do so.

Several weeks later, the buyers have some last minute financing problems. I work diligently with their agent and loan officer. With only a day or so to spare before closing, the financing is approved and the house sells. My client is as happy as the new owners.

It’s such a joy and inspiration to work with clients who are so giving to others and live their lives accordingly. My client has made the transition home and I am certain her new community is as lucky to have her as we were.