Congratulations! I hope you are thinking of selling your property in order to move on to more rewarding and exciting times and places. Whatever your reasons, as a Realtor, I work very hard to make your move as simple, stress free and lucrative as possible. To help you get started, here are some questions I frequently get asked by prospective sellers:

Q: “Why should I list my home with a Realtor and not just sell it myself and save a lot of money?Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 8.11.08 PM

A: Selling your own property is always your option. In the current market, however, it is becoming more and more of a challenge to attract qualified buyers to any one property when the market inventory is high. As your Realtor with many years of experience, I know the challenges of the current market and how to attract buyers that might have a specific interest in your property. For each property I list, I analyze those qualities and characteristics that are most attractive. I also work with the seller to minimize any less desirable features of a property that might lead buyers to focus on the negative.

In Real Estate, it is very important to have an experienced Realtor handle the negotiations and the intricate and often complex issues that arise in the course of an escrow. As your Realtor, my first responsibility is to you. I deal with all aspects of selling your property from assessing a property’s market value and marketing it to the best prospective clients, to disclosing all pertinent information about the property to protect you in the future. I negotiate the best price for you, which in the current buyers’ market can be a challenge. I give you an honest appraisal of what you can expect to receive for your property and then I use my expertise to assess a buyer’s offer to insure that that buyer has legitimate means, financing and motivation to follow through and close escrow in a timely fashion.


Q: “Realtors make a lot of money. What is your commission fee?”

A: Real estate can be a lucrative profession just like medicine or law. But to get to that point, a Realtor has to be excellent at what he/she does. As with most professions, success comes only with experience, great service, satisfied clients, referrals and word of mouth. I like to work with clients who have heard from others with whom I have worked, about the kind of professionalism and expertise I bring to the job. I am proud of my success, achievements in real estate and my growing business. (Please see my resume: “About Will Kent” )

That said, Real Estate Commissions fees are not fixed. They are negotiable. Some properties are more difficult to sell than others, thus incurring more costs to the agent. In addition, in the current market, properties take longer to sell. When you call me about listing your property, I will be happy to discuss my commission with you and consider ways in which I can help reduce the cost to you of selling your property and still do a superior job.


Q: “The house down the road from me just sold for $1,000,000. My house is much nicer, and I think it is worth $1,200,000. I am surprised that you think we should list it for $1,050,000. Why is that?”

A. How quickly and successfully a property sells is the result of a number of factors, and the most important, along with location, is PRICE.moonshine-56kb

In today’s buyers’ market, buyers are reticent to pay asking price unless they can see that comparable properties are selling at a similar price. With the advent of the internet, most buyers are well aware of neighborhood pricing and sales. If the asking price is perceived by buyers to be comparatively high or “overpriced”, a property will have fewer showings. As a result the property may sit for a prolonged period on the market and ultimately require a price reduction. In the current market critical marketing time may have been lost leading to further price adjustments before a sale occurs.

On the contrary, if the price is perceived to at or under market value, then a property may receive multiple offers and the price of your property may get bid up a bit.

When you ask me to evaluate your property and suggest a selling price, I take into consideration not only the selling price of other properties in the area, but also these other very critical factors:

1. Location! Location! Location!

2. Condition of the Land and House

3. Presence or absence of custom features and amenities that make a property more or less desirable

4. Further potential development of a property and best use of property

5. Day by day market forces both positive and negative, that are not reflected in comparable sales data. (Data from as recent as a month ago can be obsolete in a slower real estate market)

6. Your personal goals that ultimately will determine if a sale is “successful” other that the price achieved.


Q. “I have heard that it is important to have 2 or 3 Realtors prepare a market analysis of my property before I decide with who to list my house. I have called one other Realtor. Would you be interested in coming out and seeing my property and telling me what you think?”

A. Absolutely! I believe in comparison shopping. Ultimately, however, it is experience, dedication, expertise and communication that you want your Realtor to have. I welcome the chance to introduce myself to you and show you how I will specifically work with you to achieve the best success in selling your property.

I put in writing all of my ideas and recommendations regarding your property and how I will market it. My proposals are custom designed to meet your real estate goals. I handle all aspects of the sale of your house myself and am readily available to you when you have a question or we need to meet. I communicate with my clients regularly throughout the selling process via email or telephone to keep you informed how the sale of your property is progressing. And, I am easy to reach when you need to speak with me.